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About The Bloor Group

The Bloor Group provides detailed analysis of today’s enterprise software industry

The Bloor Group is an independent research firm that produces objective, high-quality analysis of enterprise technology products, services and markets via new media outlets and traditional research methods.

The integrity of this research is a prized possession.

The Bloor Group’s success and reputation depends on the independence and objectivity of its research. Bloor Group analysts, whether directly employed or simply acting as associates, do not sell their opinions.


We illustrate this by our actions:

We say what we mean. Our independence is transparent in the research work and commentary that we regularly provide. We fully control our research schedules, and publish our judgments and conclusions accordingly. Companies cannot purchase favorable opinions, and will never be able to.

The Bloor Models. We employ specific methods, based primarily on engineering models, in order to understand the nature of information technology. These models have been refined and tested over two decades for accuracy. In many cases these models enable us to understand the nature of emerging technology.

There is no Party Line. We choose not to employ puppets. While we tend to arrive at a consensus opinion most of the time, there is no obligation for any analyst to agree with the opinion of any other analyst employed by or associated with The Bloor Group.

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