Reinvention and Transformation of the Modern Data-to-Insight Pipeline

September 12, 2016
Dez Blanchfield

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Getting data ready for use for self-service analytics and building data products or any other data use case should not still be a challenge. Yet without the right tools, it is, and continues to be, a time sink and resource drain, business and technology risk, and a general nuisance.

Ideally, the preparation process should be as fluid and interactive as possible, allowing everyone who needs information to access, clean, organize and transform data as quickly as they need it and with the context that makes sense for their use case.

In a recent episode of The Briefing Room, Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor (@robinbloor) explained how data preparation automation drives faster enterprise decisions.

Dr. Bloor was briefed the on the latest updates and trends by thought leader and innovator Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Chief Product Officer of Paxata. Check out Nenshad’s profile on LinkedIn via to get a sense of how deep his knowledge actually is, and while you’re at it, be sure to follow him on Twitter at @nenshad and @Paxata as well.


The conversation covered key aspects of the topic of modern data preparation, and in particular, how Paxata’s approach to data preparation provides organisations one of the quickest routes to a scalable, connected information platform available today.

The Paxata discussion outlined the key features which all modern data preparation platforms must have by default these days in order to truly eliminate manual processes and risks which routinely plague data professionals, who in turn are left with no options but traditional legacy data management pipeline.

In today’s world of Big Data & Analytics, where data is driving strategy and decision making, we know you’ll want to have every possible opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the market.

So if for some reason you missed this episode of the Briefing Room, we invite you to download the slides at your earliest convenience, so you are fully briefed on the latest and greatest in data preparation and how you and your organisation might avoid many of the usual pitfalls of legacy systems and aged processes to save time, effort and money in all things data preparation.

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